Our “heroes” needed a bier to carry Amelia up the mountain. They negotiated with the Lord of the castle for a table / spare door / bier shaped thingy. After some mixed success they got a guide to take them to the graveyard, where biers were left lying around.

The shortcut route involved jumping down a deep ravine. The suicidal, or possibly stupid trio of Marko, Chris and Rogers believed this, ant the others got to see their bodied spatter horribly on the rocks.

Eggenburger decided he didn’t trust the guide at this, and after a brief bit of mutual insult throwing and an inconclusive exchange of fire the guide left, taking the path with him.

Morpheus flew down the ravine and found no splatted bodies. He proposed lighting a bonfire to create a path, which sort of worked.

Meanwhile, having dug their way out of their own graves, team suicidal indulged in a bit of zombie smashing and flambe’d a vampire. Team bonfire arived just as they were mopping up.

“Oh look, a massive, incredibly heavy stone bier that looks just like the one in the dream. What a coincidence.”

Lugging it to the bottom of thecliff people started to look at their climbing abilities and cried a bit. It was very steep, very wet and very high.

Michaela and Marko started up as team 1, but Marko got stuck. Chris, manifesting spider powers pulled them to the top.

Then Freya, with assorted spells, potions and words of encouragement started the climb. It was tough, and she slipped a couple of times, but with help from everyone got Amelia to the top, shortly after Thor tried a lighning bolt (from where?)

the rest, with Npcs crawled up, assisted by the ropes now in place. Morpheus cheated (or manipulated reality).

The party stared at a stony plateau and wondered where the wolves were.

Discovering Gwyn's Realm

After Thor escaped from the battle in the previous session we moved onto towards the mountains.
We rested by a campfire in a glade, Lucas ignited this magically and it became a bonefire that extended some protection there.
We were attacked by wolves and Norsemen but we had set a watch and while Lucas awoke party, Chris snuck around to murder their flanking force. In a direct confrontation with the remainder the parties archers made short work of the wolves but took several wounds from returning arrows.
Michaela summoned her dark spectre once again but it fled from the bonefire. When she tried to retrieve it she lost control and ran from it, at which point Marko summoned a javelin of white light and then Lucas summoned one of lighting that struck and destroyed the spectre.

The Norse avoided fighting further by crossing the river by moonlight. Hubert had told us we should only try the ford during the daylight, so when we did try to cross on the morrow we were surprised that the river was high and the crossing stones concealed.
We finally hit on the idea of trying to appease the river rather than fight to cross, so Marko led us in a song that summoned the river spirit, and we appeased it with various secrets and gifts.

Robin still hadn’t done much.

In the forest we were confused by glamours for a while but finally found three paths. A dark one to the Morrigan’s realm, a webbed one to the spiders and a sparkly one, we guessed to the Seelie realm.
We voted and took the spider path.

Chris transformed to an arachnoid, Rogers psychic suggestion sent the mother of all spiders scurrying away so we could sneak further on.
Found an ancient spider
Nest of eggs

Castle of Karavel
Banquet where we met and argued with the Norse pantheon
Odin told us a great enemy was coming from beyond the stars and only by reuniting Thulé could he battle it.
Karavel agreed to let both groups bear their kings up the mountain. The Norse to leave at first light and the Britons to leave at dusk.

Robin still appears to have done nothing but pose and invite lube jokes. He may actually be Loki in disguise.

Upon the Quest and into Fae

The characters walked to the beach below the headland and saw a boat tied up at a jetty behind a ‘heat haze’. They established that they needed to step through in order to follow the quest, although they weren’t entirely sure what the goal of the quest was.

Amelia talked about the last sequence of dreams she had had, giving us an idea that we would encounter each scene in a different order.
She explained that in this quest, beyond the veil in the Other World, then action would be important, to DO and not to prevaricate. While we were unsure whether to swear the Oath within the Other World or not Marko strode forward and the others followed, Chris then took the initiative and lead the group in Oaths to Amelia, kissing the sword, Excalibur.

Beyond the veil in the ‘waking dream’ the characters took on different physical forms:
Freya – an amazonian warrior in hoplite armour, easily the tallest member of the group.
Chris – a semi-bestial man covered in dark hair.
Michaela- a small hooded figure with a staff covered in necromantic talismans
Lucas – a bare-chested faun with bandoleers of potion bottles
Morpheus (as Gellis introduced himself) – a silver-skinned elf carrying an orb
Marko – a black-robed version of himself, carrying fetishes and a bundle of cloth
Rogers- an imposing barbarian warrior with a complex metal headband.

Amelia – a classic Arthurian Knight complete with Excalibur schwing

All weapons were transformed into classic fantasy equivalents and the party acquired a number of significant objects representing their powers.

The party and Robin swore an oath to Amelia then started rowing the boat westward (geography was mutable at this point). They passed through a fog bank where they were paralleled by a longship

Some time later they arrived at a beach and headed inland through an orchard where everyone except Chris and Lucas ate the ‘apples of youth’ and generally had fun being childish.

A giant stag appeared. The party followed it until it met a really big stag, and they observed without being sure what to do.
The smaller one was possibly Herne, the larger maybe the primal force of nature.

Morpheus used his magic ball to locate and transport the party to a village, where they met a knight called Hubert. He turned out to be one of King Marc’s knights from Logres (ancient Cornwall) who had come here looking for the grail, but had lost track of time after eating an apple, and had stayed. (the apples appeared to attached the eater to the land – Lucas and Chris shared a hi-five). Hubert is of the Order of the Bear, after the bear King (who is Arthur).

Hubert explained that the land was ruled by Gwyn (sp) a fae ruler (who has a dark and light side, personifying classic sun god aspects in fire and his journey thorugh the underworld). Hubert explained that the knights had set out to look for e great Cauldron which would cure their land, he expected to find it in one of the darkest palces and heard that Gwyn’s ride through the underworld would take him past the Cauldron. As he now wore the Flaming Sun (c.f. Lathander) and was a militia/peace-keeper he knew that the high mountain passes had an altar sacred to Gwyn and also a Mausoleum of dead heroes.

Hubert offered to guide the party to the mountain that was sacred to Gwyn. He explained that there were many dark things in the land and fire would confront many of them.

They set out, and were attacked by giant spiders in a forest. Thus, we tried to attack with fire. Flaming branches and fire-bomb potions were the order of the day.

Marko somewhat surprisingly turned out to be useful, as he created walls of fire (ED – enhanced existing fires?) and holy light to burn the spiders. Midway through this fight, Thor and some friends turned up to join in, and there was a mass brawl as various people discovered they could teleport opponents (Morpheus), summon undead (Michaela) that she had a hard time controlling (ghostly spiders and spectral death), lob magic potions around (Lucas) , mind control wolves (Rogers), or turn into a 9 ft werewolf with flaming claws (Chris). The enemy were routed and the party battered but triumphant.
Someone noticed Robin had done nothing much in the fight.

All of the Norses were using talismans to invoke supernatural powers, “Thor” seemed remarkably similar to the flying guy who attacked us on the train.
Near to the end he summoned a column of lightning and disappeared (luckily a fumbled dice prevented him exploding us all with his powerz).
We captured one Norseman and Rogers’ mind powers probed him (awkward silence).

Joke of the day was related to horse-cocks and the general lack of interest in the genitalia of others animals.

Over Sea, Under Stone
18/11/2029 End of the Grail Quest

We began the session on the top of the southern headland of Mevagissey in Cornwall, the setting for the book by Susan Cooper and where we had found Robin at the end of the last session.

(Facing Mevagissey Bay leading out into the English Channel)

Amelia spent the session unconscious through her mortal soul wound. Marco and Prof G were NPCd as players not present.
(Add note on flashback/downtime group action)
We began by entering the dreaming and were quickly confronted by the joker faced man riding a black horse. He warned us not to stand in his way and then left.

We exited the dreaming having failed to make a strong connection in the location.

After some investigation we discovered a boat tied to a wooden jetty that seemed terribly ominous and portentous of oblivion. It was a gateway to the dreaming, and by being near it, Freya, Lucas and William were pulled into the dreamworld of Trewissick (the fictional setting of the book)
The group followed the key quest elements of the book, despite already knowing where the hunt would lead and eventually Dr Rogers found the Grail beneath the cliffs in a cave. Water from the Grail healed Amelia and the snow at last began to melt.

Sidenote: we pondered the usage of the name Logres (ancient name for Arthur’s Kingdom) versus the older name Albion (earliest known name of Great Britain).

A nuke went off in the south-east of England, we felt tremors, saw bright light and lost internet connections (inc with Gellis). Suspect London is destroyed. Amelia felt a great disturbance, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

This session was brought to you by wank jokes, Rogers attempt to find horse cock and a number of unsuccessful attempts to find a boat that wasn’t pure evil.

5th Session

Redhill Station. We board a military train to Cornwall. It is a steam engine.

We are heading to Mevergissey to meet Robin (Robin told Chris to come to him).

Travelling to Reading and then onto St Austel.

Horus is on the train, he takes Amelia to a different carriage to meet someone. There is a big storm front around the train.

Glass helicopters arrive and attack us. Thor arrives and throws lightening at the train. The guys that attack have Ultra Hi-tech stuff. Massive epic fight, 3 bad dudes die and 1 escapes. Thor escapes via lightening.

They were after Aegis the AI – primary line of defence in the cyber war. Horus sends us off with ski trucks, tells us we need to focus on our journey and leave the rest to him. We go to Mevergissy.

We meet up with Robin, he was visited by Herne the Hunter who told him to seek the grail.

Rocks on the Hillside, Over Sea, Under Stone…..

4th Session
13/11/2029 eve

There was something before this (a fight in the snow around a petrol station, someone died and we could not save them)

Reality Shifts, Michaela and Chris walk out of a fire and are different to how they were before.

Chris talks us through his dreams. There are 3 sections.

We are attacked by helicopters.

We travel to Redhill Station.

We enact the Olympic Torch myth to investigate our ability to share a myth and invoke power.

7 young athletes, the lighting of the torch and passing on to the younger generation. Merlin comes to us and gives us the understanding of fire, It is a powerful feeling and the journey through the myth is a powerful goosebump enducing experience.

We failed the first attempt, but on the second, when we got the correct order for passing the torch, all feel right. We were in the skin of the athletes as those we had become them.

3rd Session

My notes are rubbish at this point – please add to this so that it is correct…..

Biggin Hill. We chase the man up the stairs. He fires a super hi-tech weapon at a tower – we help the guards and he escapes.

We get Amelia back to Cane Hill. It starts snowing, localised to Biggin Hill initially but spreads over time.

In the dreams Amelia is ageing and unconscious. We manage to wake Amelia. She is wounded. We go through all her dream sections, clicking into parts.

Much discussion over the changes the kidnappers made to the dream cycle when Amelia was taken.

Odin and the well, the Spear and Amelia’s wound.

We travel to Amelia’s house, rescue a baby on a coach on the M25 amongst the wreckage (the snow is getting deeper all the time) she takes us to Excaliber and draws it from the stone. (a metal rod in concrete – it is a symbol)

We decide that the only way to heal the ‘king’ is with the Holy Grail. We try to make our own myth visualising Glastonbury Tor but it doesn’t have the power we need.

We start on a journey to find the grail. There is a big fight in Lingfield, the locals pushed on by a nutter are burning a petrol garage to kill 2 people that came to the village. We intervene. Rescue a badly burnt man and a woman (Michaela and Chris whom we recognise from our dreams) we take them to a house. We kill the nutter man and the crown disperses.

It is still snowing – travel is difficult. People are struggling to find food and the land is in crisis – the King is Wounded – the Land is wounded.

We talk with Professor ‘California’ about myths and dreams and magic.

Vague notes here (sorry) Important Communication – from the continent – Uk Shut down in 24 hours, Degredation in MoD and something to do with a military MI5 base in Streatham.

Second Session

We investigate the dreams more, a strange AI type man (freaky scary) takes on the role of WIlliam in the dream when we walk up the hill through the snow. He is really unnerving and unsettles the group.

We discuss the meaning of the dream segments and theorise it being a jourmey of some kind into the unkown, a call to adventure passing from the known to the unknown.

We meet Nix – she causes some concern over trust and what we shoud tell her. She is a colleague of Gellis.

Horus tells us about another patient that also shares the dream that went missing 3 months ago. His name is Micahel Wilson, we believe he is one of the rowers on the boat.

Of all the people that share the dream Amelia is the only person to dream all 17 segments.

Using CCTV Gellis tracks the van. We think they are trying to take her out of the country so look for airports. Biggin Hill airpot is the closest and we believe easiest way to smuggle her out of the country.

We travel to Biggin Hill. We rescue Amelia (sadly Michael Wilson dies) Amelia is asleep and we cannot wake her.

The bad guys run down the corridor, there is a gun fight. One escapes up the stairs to the airport.

First Session

(In Game Date – 06/11/2029) The team meet for the first time. Freya is an inpatient having had dreams that are of interest. The group hear about the dreams and discuss links to the ‘Event’ of 21/12/12.

Horus arrives on the scene and informs us that a young girl (Amelia Armstrong-Jones DOB 17/09/2013 has been kidnapped and asks us to go to her house and investigate her disappearance. She went missing on 05/11/2029.

After much discussion the group travel to Amelia’s House. Her mother (Sarah) is quite rude, her father is not there.

We piece together the information and after William has a near death experience falling from the tree in the garden we follow Amelia’s trail out of the secure grounds of her house into the woods. There is a camp not far from the house which we try to avoid. Marko has a look in the camp but it is dangerous.

We find tracks of a Dunlop tyre and some white paint (later found to be from a white transit) and a cigarette butt in the woods. There are signs of a struggle and some blood.

The DNA from the cigarette and also the brand (HB Haus Bergman) is Eastern Eurropean (possibly German?) The blood we think is Amelia’s. It appears that she left the house to meet someone and then was forcefully taken.

We make wind-up torches using the 3d printer. They come in handy.


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