3rd Session


My notes are rubbish at this point – please add to this so that it is correct…..

Biggin Hill. We chase the man up the stairs. He fires a super hi-tech weapon at a tower – we help the guards and he escapes.

We get Amelia back to Cane Hill. It starts snowing, localised to Biggin Hill initially but spreads over time.

In the dreams Amelia is ageing and unconscious. We manage to wake Amelia. She is wounded. We go through all her dream sections, clicking into parts.

Much discussion over the changes the kidnappers made to the dream cycle when Amelia was taken.

Odin and the well, the Spear and Amelia’s wound.

We travel to Amelia’s house, rescue a baby on a coach on the M25 amongst the wreckage (the snow is getting deeper all the time) she takes us to Excaliber and draws it from the stone. (a metal rod in concrete – it is a symbol)

We decide that the only way to heal the ‘king’ is with the Holy Grail. We try to make our own myth visualising Glastonbury Tor but it doesn’t have the power we need.

We start on a journey to find the grail. There is a big fight in Lingfield, the locals pushed on by a nutter are burning a petrol garage to kill 2 people that came to the village. We intervene. Rescue a badly burnt man and a woman (Michaela and Chris whom we recognise from our dreams) we take them to a house. We kill the nutter man and the crown disperses.

It is still snowing – travel is difficult. People are struggling to find food and the land is in crisis – the King is Wounded – the Land is wounded.

We talk with Professor ‘California’ about myths and dreams and magic.

Vague notes here (sorry) Important Communication – from the continent – Uk Shut down in 24 hours, Degredation in MoD and something to do with a military MI5 base in Streatham.


Estarriol7 Freya_Dot

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