4th Session

13/11/2029 eve

There was something before this (a fight in the snow around a petrol station, someone died and we could not save them)

Reality Shifts, Michaela and Chris walk out of a fire and are different to how they were before.

Chris talks us through his dreams. There are 3 sections.

We are attacked by helicopters.

We travel to Redhill Station.

We enact the Olympic Torch myth to investigate our ability to share a myth and invoke power.

7 young athletes, the lighting of the torch and passing on to the younger generation. Merlin comes to us and gives us the understanding of fire, It is a powerful feeling and the journey through the myth is a powerful goosebump enducing experience.

We failed the first attempt, but on the second, when we got the correct order for passing the torch, all feel right. We were in the skin of the athletes as those we had become them.


Estarriol7 SteveR

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