5th Session


Redhill Station. We board a military train to Cornwall. It is a steam engine.

We are heading to Mevergissey to meet Robin (Robin told Chris to come to him).

Travelling to Reading and then onto St Austel.

Horus is on the train, he takes Amelia to a different carriage to meet someone. There is a big storm front around the train.

Glass helicopters arrive and attack us. Thor arrives and throws lightening at the train. The guys that attack have Ultra Hi-tech stuff. Massive epic fight, 3 bad dudes die and 1 escapes. Thor escapes via lightening.

They were after Aegis the AI – primary line of defence in the cyber war. Horus sends us off with ski trucks, tells us we need to focus on our journey and leave the rest to him. We go to Mevergissy.

We meet up with Robin, he was visited by Herne the Hunter who told him to seek the grail.

Rocks on the Hillside, Over Sea, Under Stone…..


Estarriol7 Freya_Dot

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