Discovering Gwyn's Realm

After Thor escaped from the battle in the previous session we moved onto towards the mountains.
We rested by a campfire in a glade, Lucas ignited this magically and it became a bonefire that extended some protection there.
We were attacked by wolves and Norsemen but we had set a watch and while Lucas awoke party, Chris snuck around to murder their flanking force. In a direct confrontation with the remainder the parties archers made short work of the wolves but took several wounds from returning arrows.
Michaela summoned her dark spectre once again but it fled from the bonefire. When she tried to retrieve it she lost control and ran from it, at which point Marko summoned a javelin of white light and then Lucas summoned one of lighting that struck and destroyed the spectre.

The Norse avoided fighting further by crossing the river by moonlight. Hubert had told us we should only try the ford during the daylight, so when we did try to cross on the morrow we were surprised that the river was high and the crossing stones concealed.
We finally hit on the idea of trying to appease the river rather than fight to cross, so Marko led us in a song that summoned the river spirit, and we appeased it with various secrets and gifts.

Robin still hadn’t done much.

In the forest we were confused by glamours for a while but finally found three paths. A dark one to the Morrigan’s realm, a webbed one to the spiders and a sparkly one, we guessed to the Seelie realm.
We voted and took the spider path.

Chris transformed to an arachnoid, Rogers psychic suggestion sent the mother of all spiders scurrying away so we could sneak further on.
Found an ancient spider
Nest of eggs

Castle of Karavel
Banquet where we met and argued with the Norse pantheon
Odin told us a great enemy was coming from beyond the stars and only by reuniting Thulé could he battle it.
Karavel agreed to let both groups bear their kings up the mountain. The Norse to leave at first light and the Britons to leave at dusk.

Robin still appears to have done nothing but pose and invite lube jokes. He may actually be Loki in disguise.


Robin did kill a wolf, which scores more kill points than some PCs…

The river spirit had been bribed to not let the party past, but the bad guys needn’t have bothered as the party managed to insult her a lot. With luck there is a bypass for the return journey.

At the top of the spider web was a bone fire and a gigantic, very old, stone spider/god thing. It was not hostile, but was incredibly old from the brief contact people had with it’s mind.
Chris, Michaela and Marko all lit the fire, and so were able to select it as a travel location in future. It may be possible to bring others with you.

In a rare display of unison the party agreed to hate the game system. With a passion.

Discovering Gwyn's Realm
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