Over Sea, Under Stone

18/11/2029 End of the Grail Quest

We began the session on the top of the southern headland of Mevagissey in Cornwall, the setting for the book by Susan Cooper and where we had found Robin at the end of the last session.

(Facing Mevagissey Bay leading out into the English Channel)

Amelia spent the session unconscious through her mortal soul wound. Marco and Prof G were NPCd as players not present.
(Add note on flashback/downtime group action)
We began by entering the dreaming and were quickly confronted by the joker faced man riding a black horse. He warned us not to stand in his way and then left.

We exited the dreaming having failed to make a strong connection in the location.

After some investigation we discovered a boat tied to a wooden jetty that seemed terribly ominous and portentous of oblivion. It was a gateway to the dreaming, and by being near it, Freya, Lucas and William were pulled into the dreamworld of Trewissick (the fictional setting of the book)
The group followed the key quest elements of the book, despite already knowing where the hunt would lead and eventually Dr Rogers found the Grail beneath the cliffs in a cave. Water from the Grail healed Amelia and the snow at last began to melt.

Sidenote: we pondered the usage of the name Logres (ancient name for Arthur’s Kingdom) versus the older name Albion (earliest known name of Great Britain).

A nuke went off in the south-east of England, we felt tremors, saw bright light and lost internet connections (inc with Gellis). Suspect London is destroyed. Amelia felt a great disturbance, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

This session was brought to you by wank jokes, Rogers attempt to find horse cock and a number of unsuccessful attempts to find a boat that wasn’t pure evil.


Freya and Dr Rogers travelled from the dream reality back to the waking world through a fire made of bones that had a sword in it. Freya used the Servant of the Secret flame ot light the fire, once lit they could travel to many places. By focussing on Amelia they were able to walk an indeterminate distance and appear back at Marko’s fire.

This way of travelling needs investigation – it has awesome possibilities.

Over Sea, Under Stone
Estarriol7 SteveR

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