Second Session


We investigate the dreams more, a strange AI type man (freaky scary) takes on the role of WIlliam in the dream when we walk up the hill through the snow. He is really unnerving and unsettles the group.

We discuss the meaning of the dream segments and theorise it being a jourmey of some kind into the unkown, a call to adventure passing from the known to the unknown.

We meet Nix – she causes some concern over trust and what we shoud tell her. She is a colleague of Gellis.

Horus tells us about another patient that also shares the dream that went missing 3 months ago. His name is Micahel Wilson, we believe he is one of the rowers on the boat.

Of all the people that share the dream Amelia is the only person to dream all 17 segments.

Using CCTV Gellis tracks the van. We think they are trying to take her out of the country so look for airports. Biggin Hill airpot is the closest and we believe easiest way to smuggle her out of the country.

We travel to Biggin Hill. We rescue Amelia (sadly Michael Wilson dies) Amelia is asleep and we cannot wake her.

The bad guys run down the corridor, there is a gun fight. One escapes up the stairs to the airport.


Estarriol7 Freya_Dot

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