First Session

(In Game Date – 06/11/2029) The team meet for the first time. Freya is an inpatient having had dreams that are of interest. The group hear about the dreams and discuss links to the ‘Event’ of 21/12/12.

Horus arrives on the scene and informs us that a young girl (Amelia Armstrong-Jones DOB 17/09/2013 has been kidnapped and asks us to go to her house and investigate her disappearance. She went missing on 05/11/2029.

After much discussion the group travel to Amelia’s House. Her mother (Sarah) is quite rude, her father is not there.

We piece together the information and after William has a near death experience falling from the tree in the garden we follow Amelia’s trail out of the secure grounds of her house into the woods. There is a camp not far from the house which we try to avoid. Marko has a look in the camp but it is dangerous.

We find tracks of a Dunlop tyre and some white paint (later found to be from a white transit) and a cigarette butt in the woods. There are signs of a struggle and some blood.

The DNA from the cigarette and also the brand (HB Haus Bergman) is Eastern Eurropean (possibly German?) The blood we think is Amelia’s. It appears that she left the house to meet someone and then was forcefully taken.

We make wind-up torches using the 3d printer. They come in handy.


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