Unanswered Questions

Who is behind the dream manipulation? There is some suggestion of a grand conspiracy manipulating multiple countries, not just the UK.

What was the 2012 grey event and what caused it?
21/12/12 was the date of the so-called Mayan Apocalypse, lots of people apparently ‘believed’ in this supposed prediction and this may have given enough faith to the myth that it could somehow actually come true.
Is there a link to the Christmas a few days later? Since Christmas is a time of strong myth and ritual.

What are the people responsible trying to achieve?

Why did some people spontaneously develop lucid dreaming (Amelia, Freya, the old tramp) and what links them?

Who is “the joker” (MV’s theory is an AI given the lack of humanity it shows) – LE unconvinced this is an AI since it gave us a warning, showing some kind of nobility perhaps? Also the unreal appearance may be more to do with it being a dreamscape imagining of a face.

What strength do we need to enter a Myth?

How do we control the outcome of our Mythic Journey? e.g. control how we are influenced by the Myth or how we influence the Myth.

How do we distinguish between dream and waking realms?

What are the consequences of not following a Myth well? i.e. in most cases we have been ejected from the dream realm, but how can changes be made to a Myth?

How can we travel by fire? See: Bonfires
How does the fire bind us together?
Is the lighting of a fire a mythic act itself, a ritual we can perform without the Olympic associations?

Unanswered Questions

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