Upon the Quest and into Fae

The characters walked to the beach below the headland and saw a boat tied up at a jetty behind a ‘heat haze’. They established that they needed to step through in order to follow the quest, although they weren’t entirely sure what the goal of the quest was.

Amelia talked about the last sequence of dreams she had had, giving us an idea that we would encounter each scene in a different order.
She explained that in this quest, beyond the veil in the Other World, then action would be important, to DO and not to prevaricate. While we were unsure whether to swear the Oath within the Other World or not Marko strode forward and the others followed, Chris then took the initiative and lead the group in Oaths to Amelia, kissing the sword, Excalibur.

Beyond the veil in the ‘waking dream’ the characters took on different physical forms:
Freya – an amazonian warrior in hoplite armour, easily the tallest member of the group.
Chris – a semi-bestial man covered in dark hair.
Michaela- a small hooded figure with a staff covered in necromantic talismans
Lucas – a bare-chested faun with bandoleers of potion bottles
Morpheus (as Gellis introduced himself) – a silver-skinned elf carrying an orb
Marko – a black-robed version of himself, carrying fetishes and a bundle of cloth
Rogers- an imposing barbarian warrior with a complex metal headband.

Amelia – a classic Arthurian Knight complete with Excalibur schwing

All weapons were transformed into classic fantasy equivalents and the party acquired a number of significant objects representing their powers.

The party and Robin swore an oath to Amelia then started rowing the boat westward (geography was mutable at this point). They passed through a fog bank where they were paralleled by a longship

Some time later they arrived at a beach and headed inland through an orchard where everyone except Chris and Lucas ate the ‘apples of youth’ and generally had fun being childish.

A giant stag appeared. The party followed it until it met a really big stag, and they observed without being sure what to do.
The smaller one was possibly Herne, the larger maybe the primal force of nature.

Morpheus used his magic ball to locate and transport the party to a village, where they met a knight called Hubert. He turned out to be one of King Marc’s knights from Logres (ancient Cornwall) who had come here looking for the grail, but had lost track of time after eating an apple, and had stayed. (the apples appeared to attached the eater to the land – Lucas and Chris shared a hi-five). Hubert is of the Order of the Bear, after the bear King (who is Arthur).

Hubert explained that the land was ruled by Gwyn (sp) a fae ruler (who has a dark and light side, personifying classic sun god aspects in fire and his journey thorugh the underworld). Hubert explained that the knights had set out to look for e great Cauldron which would cure their land, he expected to find it in one of the darkest palces and heard that Gwyn’s ride through the underworld would take him past the Cauldron. As he now wore the Flaming Sun (c.f. Lathander) and was a militia/peace-keeper he knew that the high mountain passes had an altar sacred to Gwyn and also a Mausoleum of dead heroes.

Hubert offered to guide the party to the mountain that was sacred to Gwyn. He explained that there were many dark things in the land and fire would confront many of them.

They set out, and were attacked by giant spiders in a forest. Thus, we tried to attack with fire. Flaming branches and fire-bomb potions were the order of the day.

Marko somewhat surprisingly turned out to be useful, as he created walls of fire (ED – enhanced existing fires?) and holy light to burn the spiders. Midway through this fight, Thor and some friends turned up to join in, and there was a mass brawl as various people discovered they could teleport opponents (Morpheus), summon undead (Michaela) that she had a hard time controlling (ghostly spiders and spectral death), lob magic potions around (Lucas) , mind control wolves (Rogers), or turn into a 9 ft werewolf with flaming claws (Chris). The enemy were routed and the party battered but triumphant.
Someone noticed Robin had done nothing much in the fight.

All of the Norses were using talismans to invoke supernatural powers, “Thor” seemed remarkably similar to the flying guy who attacked us on the train.
Near to the end he summoned a column of lightning and disappeared (luckily a fumbled dice prevented him exploding us all with his powerz).
We captured one Norseman and Rogers’ mind powers probed him (awkward silence).

Joke of the day was related to horse-cocks and the general lack of interest in the genitalia of others animals.


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