Our “heroes” needed a bier to carry Amelia up the mountain. They negotiated with the Lord of the castle for a table / spare door / bier shaped thingy. After some mixed success they got a guide to take them to the graveyard, where biers were left lying around.

The shortcut route involved jumping down a deep ravine. The suicidal, or possibly stupid trio of Marko, Chris and Rogers believed this, ant the others got to see their bodied spatter horribly on the rocks.

Eggenburger decided he didn’t trust the guide at this, and after a brief bit of mutual insult throwing and an inconclusive exchange of fire the guide left, taking the path with him.

Morpheus flew down the ravine and found no splatted bodies. He proposed lighting a bonfire to create a path, which sort of worked.

Meanwhile, having dug their way out of their own graves, team suicidal indulged in a bit of zombie smashing and flambe’d a vampire. Team bonfire arived just as they were mopping up.

“Oh look, a massive, incredibly heavy stone bier that looks just like the one in the dream. What a coincidence.”

Lugging it to the bottom of thecliff people started to look at their climbing abilities and cried a bit. It was very steep, very wet and very high.

Michaela and Marko started up as team 1, but Marko got stuck. Chris, manifesting spider powers pulled them to the top.

Then Freya, with assorted spells, potions and words of encouragement started the climb. It was tough, and she slipped a couple of times, but with help from everyone got Amelia to the top, shortly after Thor tried a lighning bolt (from where?)

the rest, with Npcs crawled up, assisted by the ropes now in place. Morpheus cheated (or manipulated reality).

The party stared at a stony plateau and wondered where the wolves were.


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